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Why "Single Estate"?

Posted by The Dream Coffee Team on

Why "Single Estate"?

You’ve heard of single origin coffee. We made sure The Dream Coffee is also single estate.

Single origin refers to coffee that is sourced from one generic place, which gives you a good idea of how consistent the coffee’s taste will be. Without going too much into detail, coffee that tastes consistently good is potentially great coffee. Think of coffee as like a sponge: It absorbs the environment around it, from the climate to its fellow crops, so when it’s all grown in the same place, chances are good that its quality and taste stay consistent.

But with no definite rules to define what “single origin” coffee is, this means that coffee that’s grown anywhere in the Philippines—from the north to the south, which tastes vastly different—can still be labeled as single origin, defeating the purpose of single origin being a marker for quality coffee.

The Dream Coffee meets all the criteria for single origin coffee and much more—it’s grown in the same country, region, and municipality—in essentially a single estate that’s been an ancestral domain for our coffee farmers from time immemorial. This is how we ensure our coffee’s consistent dream-like taste.

On top of this, we produce our coffee organically—no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are involved. And we only harvest our coffee cherries when they’re ripe, handpicking them from trees for the best quality.

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