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The Tribe & The Seven Communities

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The Tribe & The Seven Communities

They are a people with a birthright to a place that shares their name.

The indigenous Tboli tribe—from the root words “tau bilil” that mean “people who live in mountains”—are unique for having an ancestral domain that identifies with who they are. In South Cotabato, Mindanao in the southern Philippines, there is a mountainous municipality called T’Boli, where majority of the current population belong to the tribe. This is where your coffee is rooted and harvested.

To produce coffee with dream-like taste, The Dream Coffee works with 75 farmer-families across two barangays and seven sitios in T’Boli: 20 families from Sitio Kleb in Barangay T’bolok, 18 families from Sitio Blo, 25 families from Sitio Datal Basag, and 12 families from Sitio Kule, with the latter three belonging to Barangay Salacafe. Recently, we also started working with families from Sitios Siyem Bulol, Tahikong, and Kefak, all under Barangay Salacafe. Our dream is to positively impact the lives of these families through coffee—with more families, sitios, and barangays hopefully following suit.

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