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"What makes them special: The Dream Coffee beans are grown in the same country, region, and municipality—without synthetic fertilizers."
"To capture its consistent, dream-like taste, it is organically produced and roasted medium in small batches, ensuring a fresh roast that has chocolate and caramel notes. Available in beans or grounds, enjoy preparing this using your favourite brewing method at home."
"They want the farmers to experience the huge market for high-quality coffee, as well as the sustainable livelihood they can obtain from growing and producing excellent coffee, which they can pass onto the next generation. Ultimately, their goal is to establish T’Boli as one of the suppliers of Philippine coffee."
“It was challenging to get farmers to believe in the value of their coffee crops,” she added. “You have to understand that they’ve been growing this for a long time, yet they’ve never experienced the impact of its value. We dealt with this by spending time educating and training them, and more importantly, building lasting relationships with the community.”
"The Dream Coffee sources its Arabica beans all the way from T’Boli, South Cotabato, where each coffee cherry is handpicked at the peak of its ripeness. This brand is also a social enterprise. You’re helping farmers while they help you."
“The Dream Coffee makes an impact on these farmer-families’ lives by helping them realize the value of what they create and grow."
"Their coffee is 100% Single Estate, Single Origin Philippine Arabica—rich with bright hints of caramel, which is almost (you guessed it) dream-like."

 "And you shouldn't settle for just anything—for your coffee-loving buds, we found The Dream Coffee, locally sourced coffee beans that come in the cutest packaging, too."

"The T’nalak-inspired packaging easily separates The Dream Coffee apart from others but its story goes beyond what’s seen outside." 

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