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French Press

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French Press

How hard is it? 2 out of 5

Why use a French press? For those who want to start getting into specialty coffee brewing, the French press provides a rich brew without the technicalities. It’s also a good investment—a unit lasts for years and it can even be used to steep tea or froth milk.

What you need:
- The Dream Coffee (whole beans or grounds)
- Coffee grinder (if you have whole beans)
- French press
- Spoon
- Water

- Mug

Why is it called a “French press”? Legend has it that a Frenchman invented the first coffee press as a result of an accident in 1852: He bought a screen and used a stick to push it down a pot of boiling coffee, sending the grounds to the bottom. It was an Italian duo that eventually registered the first patent in 1928, but whether credits go to the French or the Italians, this coffee machine sure definitely the job done without fuss.

Step 1:  If you’re using whole beans, grind desired amount using a medium setting. If you have grounds, skip this step.

Step 2:  Remove French press cover and plunger. Spoon ground coffee into vessel. (Suggested ratio: 2 Tbsp coffee for every 1 cup water)

Step 3: Heat water until almost boiling. Pour water into vessel.

Step 4: Stir mixture thoroughly. Cover with lid but with the plunger still raised.

Step 5: Let steep for 4 to 5 minutes, then slowly push the plunger down.

Step 6: Pour hot coffee into mug. Enjoy the dream in your cup!

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