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Cold Brew

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Cold Brew
How hard is it? 3 out of 5

Why do a cold brew? It just tastes amazing on a sweltering hot day. But heads up: Cold brewing takes time, at least overnight, for it to turn out great. The longer the coffee’s brewing time, the stronger its flavor.  

What you need:

- The Dream Coffee (whole beans)

- Measuring cup

- Coffee grinder

- Spoon

- Measuring glass or pitcher

- Water

- Plastic wrap

- Filter or cheesecloth

- Serving glass or bottle

- Rubber band

- Ice (optional)

- Milk (optional)

What's the difference between a cold brew and iced coffee? Iced coffee is just hot coffee cooled with ice. And because hot water extracts flavor rapidly, black iced coffee tends to taste bitter. Cold-brewed coffee allows for a slower and gentler infusion—that's why it has a sweeter flavor profile. Adding ice to cold-brewed coffee also doesn’t dilute its flavor and body.

Step 1: Measure desired amount of coffee. (Suggested ratio: 3/4 cup coffee beans for every 4 cups water)

Step 2: Grind coffee using a coarse setting.

Step 3:  Spoon coffee into measuring glass or pitcher. Pour in water.

Step 4: Stir mixture thoroughly. Cover with plastic wrap.

Step 5:  Let steep overnight, preferably for 18 to 24 hours in the refrigerator. 

Step 6: After steeping overnight, remove coffee mixture from the refrigerator. Place filter or cheesecloth over your serving glass or bottle, securing it with a rubber band. Start straining into serving glass.

Step 7: Discard and rubber brand. Add ice and milk, if desired. Enjoy the dream in your cup!

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