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Behind The Drip's Packaging

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Behind The Drip's Packaging

A month before our third anniversary, we released a new product called The Drip by The Dream Coffee. We called it "instant coffee that makes an impact," envisioning it as a younger version of our original product, one that would introduce regular instant coffee drinkers to the exciting world of traceable, direct trade coffee.

We wanted The Drip to have a color palette that's similar with our signature red bags, and of course, to pay homage to the indigenous farmers behind the coffee. That led us to creating this beautiful texture. 

"The design of the packaging draws from the textures and patterns of woven fabric," says Mikko Serrano, the creative behind The Drip's packaging. "It also takes into account the name of the The Dream Coffee." 

To get to the finished product, here are some of the things we came across during our creative exploration.

The result is a bag that's "textured and lucid," shares Mikko. "We believe that it captures the idea of life converging with our dreams, right in front of our eyes."

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