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Happy 2nd Anniversary, The Dream Coffee!

Posted by The Dream Coffee Team on

Happy 2nd Anniversary, The Dream Coffee!
On November 15, 2020, The Dream Coffee celebrated its two-year anniversary. This year was unlike anything we had ever experienced, but even in unprecedented circumstances, our 75 farmer-partners have shown us that they will continue to press on, learn, and do better, no matter what.
2020 was a time of unlearning for all of us. There were things we had to let go of, like ceasing operations temporarily in Metro Manila when ECQ began, and there were things that we also transform before our eyes—like the rise of the home brewer and the love for all things local, which increased interest in The Dream Coffee's story—and also, the continued training of our farmers.
Some highlights of the year for us:
  • On May 22, the Knoon Highland Farmers Association (KHFA), whose members we work with, had their first general assembly. They also celebrated the first anniversary of their founding.
  • On August 19, we launched our newest iteration of The Dream Coffee—Cold Brews in Wide Awake and A Sweet Dream.
  • In early September, women representatives of KHFA were invited by USAID's Protect Wildlife program and the Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc., to learn about basic bookkeeping and to develop their financial records.
  • In early October, the USAID also donated eight depulping equipment. 
  • On October 20 to 21, USAID together with ACDI/VOCA’s PhilCAFE program, trained our veteran farmers on coffee production and farm management.
  • And, finally, in early November, select farmers went through their first coffee cupping session with PhilCAFE. An additional coffee dehuller and a greenhouse-type of solar drier was also donated.
We shared in our last entry that 2020 marks the first year that our farmers are going through harvest season all on their own. We're proud of the ownership they've exhibited over their farms and their livelihood, and we're incredibly grateful for how your purchase of traceable, community-rooted Philippine coffee empowers them to do so.
Our farmers are the foundation of all that we do, the reason why we dream, and we also deeply understand that everyone who has chosen to support The Dream Coffee is the pulse that keeps this dream going.
To everyone who has been a part of this community for the past two years—thank you.

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