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The Story of Our Packaging

Posted by The Dream Coffee Team on

The Story of Our Packaging

Our packaging emphasizes our roots in the Tboli tribe, whom our coffee farmers belong to. Since every element takes into consideration their identity, we wanted to honor the communities we work with by seeking the elders’ blessing over the packaging, which they gave.

Watch to know our design story in under a minute, and read more after the video.

The colors.

Red. The Tboli tribe has a heritage of weaving sacred fabric called T’nalak, which is always inspired by their dreams. T’nalak often has red and black colors and we chose to put focus on the former.

Yellow. More than just a complementary hue to the dominant red color, yellow depicts the tribe's inherent bright and loving nature. They are a people always radiating joy and hope.

Green. The municipality of T’Boli, South Cotabato, where our coffee is rooted and harvested, is characterized by lush, green mountains as far as the eye can see.

The typography.

Our typography is an original typeface that is inspired by the intricate T'nalak. The unique, hand-drawn character is intentional. Whether through a stroke of a pen or a weave of a fabric, we believe in giving life through the works of our hands.

The elements.

The mountains represent our origin. The Dream Coffee comes from a mountainous ancestral domain that has belonged to our farmers from time immemorial.

The clouds highlight the elevation of where our coffee is grown and the dreams we want to fulfill through coffee.

The stars symbolize the aspirational nature of dreams, and bring to mind the Tboli who weave from the dreams they see at night.

The pattern is richly inspired by T’nalak and the shape at the front was mindfully made to look like a structure—for our coffee is an advocacy and experience we want to keep building on.

The beans stand for the other half of our two-fold dream: giving you coffee with dream-like taste.

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