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The Start of the 2020 Harvest: A Community Update

Posted by The Dream Coffee Team on

The Start of the 2020 Harvest: A Community Update

By October 22, we'll be ready to share a new batch of beans, grounds, and cold brews. These are fresh crop from the first batch of our farmer-partners' 2020 harvest that commenced this month! We are extremely proud of our farmers and community volunteers and facilitators for taking ownership of this year's harvest, which is the first they are managing on their own since we started working together in 2017. While you browse our Shop, you might notice an increase in our prices—this was a decision we carefully considered in order to better serve our community, which we know is a value you also share, in light of all the challenges that happened this year.

Other exciting things that unfolded in T'Boli over the past few months: In September, our farmers from Sitio Blo received and began assembling their first steel elevated drying beds, which were provided by the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist, a welcome upgrade from the bamboo drying beds they used to have. The drying beds are where coffee beans are dried and are essential to a safe and efficient post-harvest process.
Early this October, the USAID's Protect Wildlife program also contributed seven manual and one electrical depulping machine to the Knoon Highland Farmers Association (KHFA). These machines assist farmers in removing the flesh of the coffee cherries in order to reach the coffee parchment, which is eventually processed to turn into the green coffee bean we all recognize. Overall, the machines help make the post-harvest process less labor intensive for them.
We'll be updating this space more as we gear up for the peak of harvest in the coming months. As always, thank you for dreaming with us.


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