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Meet Our Women Farmer-Partners

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Meet Our Women Farmer-Partners

To celebrate International Women's Day this month of March, we are proud to share a special release of coffee that was harvested, processed, and sorted exclusively by our women farmer-partners from their sitios in T'Boli. 

These women are Boi Saw Dagang from Sitio Kleb, 71; Boi Mary Joy Muan from Sitio Kefak, 35; and Boi Dunisa Budog, our lead sorter and bookkeeper from Desawo, 37.

They harvested coffee cherries ripe from their own arabica trees; depulped, dried, and dehulled the beans themselves; and sorted the green beans for defects on their own. In producing coffee, women don't always take on the laborious tasks in the harvest and post-harvest process, but Boi Saw, Boi Mary Joy, and Boi Dunisa show us that gender and age aren't limits in taking part in the entire coffee value chain and sharing its significance across generations.

Every purchase of this limited coffee release will come with a card honoring the hard work of Boi Saw, Boi Mary Joy, and Boi Dunisa.

Check out these snapshots of the women going through the harvest and post-harvest process. Photos by Anthony.





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